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Review: The June Natural Beauty Box

A look at June's gorgeous Summer-themed Natural Beauty Box

After the inclusion of a Conscious Skincare body oil in the last Natural Beauty Box, I was happy to see the brand again in this one. I'll have to say first that I don't like the smell of this one. Cedarwood is really not my cup of tea, and it does overwhelm the citrus of the grapefruit. That said, it's a really nice body wash. It feels like oil as it glides on and leaves the skin feeling so cocooned in moisture. 
My appreciation for Conscious Skincare is growing more and more and I'll certainly be checking them out next time I need to top up on essentials.

This 150ml bad boy contains 14 pure plant oils and nothing else. It's lovely to get a bottle this big in a beauty box and again, the wonder of beauty boxes enable subscribers to receive a £32 body oil. I like Siskyn, as I am currently using their night time facial oil and I totally love it. 
This feels so lovely to apply after using the Kokoglow scrub below. On a hot summer night after a shower, it feels soothing and moisturising, like you've given your skin a really special treat. It's a perfect summer oil and it smells good too.

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As delighted as I was to receive a sun care product in the box, particularly from Organii who I've heard a lot of positive feedback about, I was disappointed that it was only a medium protection SPF20. I didn't think people used such low factors anymore!
 When I was younger, I was burned badly due to the twin factors of using low factors (12 and 15) and lying in the sun all day without seeking shade or covering up. No, I don't know why I did it either, but I was rather sun naive at 19. Since then, I began to realise over a period of time that I was extremely sensitive and with a process of trial and error, I found even SPF 30 was too low, so I only use 50, although there is some debate as to whether SPF50 is actually any different from SPF30.
 I also use SPF50 in England as well as abroad and it's been a long time since I've tried a lower factor here. With our summer being so good this year, I didn't think this SPF20 would be appropriate for me. I put it on to do some pottering in the garden. It went on smoothly and sank in well, not leaving a white cast. Mineral sunscreens provide protection immediately unlike chemical ones. I was out there maybe 15 minutes and I did feel nervous about sunburn the whole time I was, so I didn't put it to the test for extended wear. Once the summer calms down and temperatures drop, it's something I could look into using. In terms of a mineral sunscreen, Organii are someone I'm definitely interested in using and I'll be trying their SPF50, a sample of which was in the box and which I'm waiting for a period of outdoor activity to use (i.e not being at work).


Obviously you need a scrub to be beach-ready so the inclusion of this was a no-brainer. From a new-to-me brand, it's summer in a pouch! Gorgeous pink Himalayan salt with the heady smell of roses, it left my skin so soft and revitalised, ready for the beach if I hadn't already been on holiday! 😐I've got it on my bath and I'm using it regularly, especially on my legs and feet which are prone to extreme dryness. Emma is fond of adding a scrub to the Natural Beauty Box and this one is another winner.

 It's a shame these came a month too late as they would have been ideal for my holiday. I was cleansing in the morning, then coming back from the beach, cleansing again, then getting ready for a night out, then cleansing again before bed. I was bemoaning my lack of cleansing wipes so I could have cut out the second cleanse and just had a quick wipe to remove suncream, sweat and sand prior to showering at night.
Anyway, these nonetheless came in very handy. When I was seriously hot and bothered at the end of the day, I used these earlier in the evening before I did my oil cleanse, just to cool me down and remove grime. Actually my routine was to use one during the 7pm World Cup football most nights and then after the match I would go upstairs and do my cleanse 😜 I probably wouldn't use them again after summer ends but they are certainly a valuable addition to a skin routine during hot weather. It goes without saying that if they weren't biodegradable I wouldn't have used them, as I ditched wipes long ago due to the environmental impact.

In summary, another beautifully curated box with the perfect skin-pampering products for summer. 

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*I receive a discount on this box in exchange for providing an honest review.

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