Sunday, 23 June 2019

The May Skin Organics Beauty Box

Here's a look at the May Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.

Despite the fact that I've never reviewed a Skin Organics box at my blog, I'm actually a semi-regular subscriber. My reasons for not giving the box a platform are twofold - time, of course, and the blogger's curse of having too many products open and natural products going off before I can finish them.
I'm committed to reviewing two natural beauty boxes per month already and although the SO box ranks up there with them, I made the decision that I couldn't open every product I received in this box immediately for the purposes of review or they would merely end up in the bin before I could use them. Instead, when I purchase one of these boxes, I use the contents at my leisure, when I actually need or want to open them, rather than feeling obliged to for the purposes of review.
However, I was pleased to hear that soon the Skin Organics box will be bi-monthly which I think is a really good move.
All the products I've used from the SO box since I started getting it occasionally in February 2018 have been featured in my empties. I've only opened one product from last month's box so far, but regardless, here is a quick look at what's in it and rest assured, when the time comes that I open these goodies, they'll be reviewed at my blog. This was the vegan box, so the Lily Lolo lipstick (which very disappointingly contains carmine, an ingredient that I am strongly against) was substituted for an eyeliner.
The box was so aesthetically pleasing. This box always looks great and this was one of the best ones I've seen with the black and white packaging.

This looks fabulous. I don't come across scrubs specifically for hands very often, although I own some lovely hand scrub cubes. Coffee scrubs are the devil really in terms of having to rinse the bath, but at least I can use this one in the sink for an easier life! Looking forward to it.

I was very pleased with this inclusion as a black eyeliner is a staple in my make-up collection and while unfortunately, I've just purchased two of my favourite PHB ones, I nonetheless started using this one first. It's a great eyeliner, very soft and very black. It does smudge a bit into the corners of my eyes over the day but so do other eyeliners sadly. Probably because of my saggy eyelids. 😐

I love a cleansing bar and I haven't tried much skin care made with avocado (apart from the truly stinky pure avocado oil) so this was a great zero waste inclusion.

Bowe have two products - an eyelash oil, which I own, and this balm. I've got more lip balms than I can shake a stick at, so this wasn't a good inclusion for me. However, this looks like it will be an intensive balm, so I'll save this one to use at night when I've finished my current one.

Jorgobe are a Danish new-to-me brand.  Like the lip balms, I have rather a lot of serums queued at the moment, so this one will have to join the list. I absolutely love a serum so I can't wait to try this one too.

You can subscribe to the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box here

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