Monday, 12 August 2019

The June Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

Another great box from The Vegan Kind with a wide range of goodies.

Harmonica Choconut Crispy Chocolate Coated Wafer 

This was an immense bar of wafer goodiness. You would swear it was milk chocolate. Tasty.      

Mighty Seeds Coconut Sugar Caramelised Watermelon Seeds 

This one's still in the cupboard but I'll get around to it soon.

Mister Free’d Cheese Flavour Tortilla Chips 

A bag of crisps to rival my favourite tortillas (Tesco's Free From). Really good cheesy flavour but beware, very salty!

Vegums Gummy Vitamins 30 Gummies
A novel idea this. I was thrilled to see that the gummies came in a biodegradable corn starch bag which you can then decant into a little tin. I like that The Vegan Kind puts vitamins in its boxes on a semi-regular basis as I'm terrible for forgetting my vitamins. These are tasty and a nice way to get what you need.

Plenish Organic Coffee Almond Shake       

I enjoyed this one afternoon for the caffeine hit. A very nice drink and one I'd buy again.

MyVegan Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Carb Crusher Bar
Not tried this one yet.

Happy Snack Co Salt and Vinegar Fava Beans         

A tiny little packet this but actually, once you get going, it's the perfect snack size. Bursting with salt and vinegar with a great crunch. Winner.

You can subscribe to The Vegan Kind box here and view their amazing range of products at their supermarket.

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