Thursday, 18 June 2020

The May Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

Always a treat.

Vegan biscuits!

Truly a treat this month.
I love Hippeas. These were very tasty but I will always prefer the cheese ones.
Refresher sweeties are a no brainer. I always take sweets to work but these went into my private top drawer ;-)
The green bean crisp things were a bit boring.
The Salt of the Earth deodorant was surprisingly effective.
The (zero waste) little tiny slab of PLAYin chocolate was great and actually big enough as it was so rich.
The Tofu I haven't used yet.
The Vegan Bakery coconut vegan biscuits were absolutely mega.
The Prodigy Peanut and Caramel Cahoots chocolate bar = 😍😍😍
And finally, OMG, biscotti dip with dippy sticks! I didn't know this was out and I absolutely loved it. Hard to choose, but this was probably the best thing in a truly splendid box.

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