Thursday, 26 January 2017

Fair Squared is Cruelty Free

Reading beauty blogs has made me increasingly paranoid about companies who claim not to test on animals. So many companies who test say in their policy that they don't test and then tack on a little bit at the end about 'an exception could only be made if this was required by law'.
Blah, blah, well you test then, don't you, you lying bastards?
I'm so convinced that everyone is lying that I've taken to emailing companies for clarification before I consider them okay.

While researching brands back in December 2016, I came across Fair Squared who make lovely lip balms, skin care and condoms (good on you!) and are based in Germany. They said they were cruelty-free but I emailed them asking if they sold in China.
I received this reply the same day from the managing director no less:

Hello Rebecca,

no we don´t. It is obligatory to do animal testing on cosmetics to register products in China.  We don´t do any animal testing.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards

Oliver Gothe

Geschaeftsfuehrung / Managing Director

I was suitably happy with the response. When I first visited the site, they had only a brief statement regarding animal testing, which prompted me to email them. Now they are PETA and vegan certified and look to have more products than I noticed at my first visit. A great-looking range with something for everyone.

Fair Squared Website

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