Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review: The Dirty Vegans Bath Bomb

The Dirty Vegans are a company based in Sunderland in the UK who make soaps, bath treats, cards and soy candle melts. They say:

We are 100% against animal testing and no animal derived ingredients

have been used in any of our products.

All of our products are handmade and contain no harsh ingredients.  

The scented products in our range our highly aromatic, absolutely delightful to your senses!

Our colourants are of the highest cosmetic grade so will not stain your bath.

All of our products are vegan / vegetarian friendly and cruelty free.  

Our suppliers use sustainable palm oil.

All ingredients come from fully EU certified and Insured Suppliers

I tested the Buried Treasure Giant Strawberry Bath Bomb 

This is where I confess that actually, I've never used a bath bomb in my life. No, really. Two reasons for this: One, I don't take baths as I have dry skin and prefer not to make it worse by soaking in water and Two, using bubble baths and soap products don't agree with my intimate areas. Showers are better for me all around.

The bath bomb really was as giant as the name suggested and smelled divine. It was also infused with little particles of pink glitter, which is always a bonus (my other half doesn't call me Queen of Glitter for nothing). As I unwrapped it, I read the ingredients and was somewhat disappointed to find that it had no natural ingredients and actually contained soap, which I wasn't expecting. However, the bath bombs appear to be the exception as the other products on TDV website do contain, amongst other things, cocoa butter and avocado oil and of course, all products are free from SLS, parabens and SLES.

Having never used one before, I almost expected that it would melt a little in the water and half of it would be left to use again. Oh, how naive in the bathing world am I?! The bath bomb fairly exploded *cough* and fizzled its way delightfully around my bath for a minute before it was done, leaving cloudy pink water. 

I submerged myself for a nice chill and found the bomb had dissolved to an orange, star-shaped piece of soap, which I took out rather than soak in. As I lay there, I found my skin rather pleasantly coated and feeling far from the lizard-like dryness I expected to instantly encounter. I passed a nice bath with no ill effects later and was pleased I had used the bomb. Also, it didn't leave the bath slippery, nor did it stain it.

Overall, a nice experience and I would recommend The Dirty Vegans to anyone looking for fun, pampering products. The gift baskets, particularly, look amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to buy them for anyone, vegan or not.

Buy the Bath Bomb here

* This sample was sent to me for PR purposes. I wasn't paid for my review.

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