Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Review: Bio-Extracts Skin Boosters and Creams

I have been testing serums and face creams from a London company, Bio-Extracts. They boast products which are made with natural ingredients, vegan, non GMO, paraben free, British made and of course, not tested on animals. 

They say:

The advantage of biotechnology is the use of highly purified ingredients ‐ these are the active fractions of the plant extracts used to deliver benefits to the skin. NBLabs has sourced the most sophisticated actives to bring into existence a unique line of personal skincare: BIO‐EXTRACTS.
The range employs a clean approach to design cosmetics that create a bespoke solution for any skin concern. A powerful delivery system accommodates innovation and sustainability. A minimalist concept of beauty does not compromise the product’s performance as it retains the essential elements that have been tested and proven to be the best.

The idea behind the personalised skincare is that you take between 1 and 4 of the 'syringes' containing the serums or 'boosters' and mix them with a measured dose of the moisturiser.

I had a range of the boosters to try. Bio-Extracts say:

The key to skincare performance is an advanced delivery system. A phospholipids-based delivery system ensures Bio-Extracts’ actives penetrate deeper into the skin layers. Phospholipids are essential constituents of the cellular membranes of all living organisms, they regulate cell life.

My boosters came in sachets so rather than messing about mixing them with the moisturisers, I simply used them first and put the moisturiser on top before they were fully dry. I decided to use two at a time. First I used the Pore Minimising booster as I have some open pores around my nose together with the Redness Relief booster as I have redness also around my nose and on my chin. The products smelled nice, like almonds, and they were thin and quite watery, not like a traditional serum. They felt silky going on and sank in immediately. I was really impressed with this and my skin felt nice afterwards. However, the first time I used the boosters, I waited until my skin was dry and touched it a bit and noticed it had gone 'bitty'. By this I mean some of the product was flaking off, leaving my skin looking like it was peeling. Very unattractive. I added the moisturiser on top and it still felt bitty.

The next time I tried it, I tried it alone with my own moisturiser and still got the same flaky texture. So I tried applying the Bio-Extracts moisturiser on top before the boosters were dry and still got the same bits coming off. 
Then I twigged. Doh! Of course I was doing it wrong. How could using sachets equate to the precision of using the syringes and pots? Feeling reassured that there was something wrong with me rather than the products (!), I mixed a couple of sachets of booster with a moisturiser in a pot and applied this over a couple of nights. There was very slight bittiness (I know it's not a word 😄) in the morning but overall, my skin felt soft and velvety. 
For the rest of the trial, I kept using the products at night as I wasn't convinced that my imprecise method of application wouldn't need to a flaky face under my make-up during the day.

I had three moisturisers to try with the boosters. Bio-Extracts say:

BIO‐EXTRACTS Multi-Lamellar System® has a very distinct structural similarity to these natural layers in the skin and mimics the skin’s own lamellar structure. It is designed to act like a “patch” on the skin, restoring its barrier function thus preventing trans-epidermal water-loss (TEWL), improving hydration and protecting the skin from external irritants.
The creams were all nice to apply but I couldn't comment if they were okay under make-up as I didn't use them during the day. The rich cream was as its name implies - really luxuriant and velvety and felt lovely going on.

I used other boosters in combination - the Anti-Wrinkle booster with the Anti-Oxidant booster, the Glow booster with the Hydro booster and the Lifting booster with the Firming booster.

In summary, I feel that Bio-Extracts are an original idea with important natural ingredients. I really like that the boosters are targeted towards different skincare issues. My skin felt softer and nicer than it had for a while and although I didn't use the Pore Minimiser or Redness Reducer for long, my skin seemed better after these.

Bio-Extracts Boosts are £19.50 each and the creams are £27, available here

* Samples was sent to me for PR purposes. I wasn't paid for my review.

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