Saturday, 29 April 2017

Review: Mia and Dom Soothing Skin Salve

I've been trialling a balm from Mia and Dom on my son Z's eczema. Mia and Dom are a company based in York launched by Jennifer Feltham in February 2015 when she decided to make some natural products for her son's eczema. A great story and something I would love to do myself. Their products are over 70% organic with many of them being over 98%. They contain ethically sourced ingredients and are not tested on animals.
When I first started using the balm on my son, his skin was in a bad way. Some patches of eczema had been healed nicely by a balm from another range and then he had a massive flare-up where his entire body went scaly and dry, together with red patches in the usual places, plus some more in areas where previously he hadn't had any. As this only comes in a small pot, I would have probably used it all in one go, so I chose a lotion from another brand (review coming soon) to put all over, and used this balm on the red areas.

Note to self: take photos before you hack away at the product
The salve is a dark green and smells quite strongly of herbs. I took this to be a good sign of its potency lol. From the first time I applied it at night, his skin looked better in the morning. I used it morning and night and the results were astounding. When the red patches cleared within a week, I stopped using the balm and just used the other lotion I mentioned all over to keep his skin hydrated. After a week or so, the red patches came back, but only on the insides of his elbows, so I started the salve again. At the time of writing, his arms are back to normal and he has no eczema anywhere.

My recent experiences with natural skin balms have convinced me that I will never seek a prescription from the doctor again to deal with either my or my son's eczema. I'm done with trying to heal our skin with chemicals.

In summary: don't be put off by the fact this salve smells and looks like a veg stock pot 😀 Sweet smelling is not always good. This balm is astounding. It has amazing ingredients and its creator is truly in the business for the right reasons. Nothing not to love. I will purchase this again.

You can read a review on the Mia and Dom website with photos of eczema before and after here
You can buy the salve here and Mia and Dom also has a great blog on their site that has eczema tips and in depths articles on the ingredients they use.
You can also buy it from Love Lula

*This sample was sent to me for PR purposes. I wasn't paid for my review.
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*The salve contains beeswax so it is not suitable for vegans

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