Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Review: Green Woman Fit Pit Deodorant

Recently I have been trying a natural deodorant made by The Green Woman which is based in Shropshire. Reading up on the background of the company, I discovered it was created by 2 sisters and they give 10% of their profits to charity including Breast Cancer UK (a leaflet about the link between chemicals and breast cancer was included with my sample). I thought the product came in what looked like a jam jar and sure enough I saw a post on the GW blog which told of their initiative to rescue hotel jam jars from landfills and reuse them. They take 100-200 from one hotel alone each week. I was both staggered and impressed by this fantastic recycling plan. 

 Fit Pit is an organic, handmade, vegan deodorant, free of aluminium, parabens and BPAs. The range has men and women's deodorant plus a sensitive skin variation.

My problem with natural deodorants which I mentioned in my last review of one is a paranoia about smelling, especially in a hot work environment. At the same time, the use of aluminium in commercial deodorants really bothers me.
Fit Pit comes in a glass jar as mentioned (mega-bonus points to the company for not using plastic) and has a whipped paste consistency. It's the first deodorant which I've had to apply with my fingers but I didn't mind. It goes on smoothly and feels very soothing, drying quickly. The woman range contains rosemary and bergamot essential oils and it smells delightful.   

I started off using this product at home in a fairly stress-free environment (i.e a day with no child lol) and was happy that I smelled okay by the end of the day (although I hadn't exactly been sweaty). I reapplied it before I went to bed and was disappointed to find I was whiffy in the morning. I continued to use it at home and found again that despite reapplying before bed, I was smelly again in the morning.
 I usually have a morning shower rather than at night and so a wash before reapplication might have been better, plus the bedroom can be warm at night. I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt and keep using it because I really like the product and in time I will introduce it to more stressful environments.

In summary, a soothing delightfully scented product which has its merits for day-to-day light activities. My pits are definitely healthier for using it. 

You can buy Fit Pit Woman here

*This sample was sent to me for PR purposes. I wasn't paid for my review.

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