Sunday, 19 March 2017

Samaya Skincare Review

I recently tried 3 samples from the Samaya Skincare range. Samaya is based on Ayurvedic principles which helps you to achieve 'samadosha' or perfect balance, in your life. They have 3 ranges, based on the doshas of Pitta, Vata and Kapha. I was invited to either choose my favourite scent or undertake a questionnaire to find my dosha. I took the quiz and found I was 50% Kapha and 40% Vata. So I opted for Kapha and received samples of the cleanser, facial oil and moisturiser.

The cleanser was a thick, creamy substance that massaged well into the face. I then removed it with a hot cloth and my skin was left soft and smooth. After toning, I used the oil. This felt luxurious, but non-greasy and melted into my skin. The moisturiser was the perfect base for make-up but also thick enough to use as a night cream.

The only problem I had with the range was the smell. I didn't know what vetivert was like, but presumed it was citrisy (how wrong I was) and it had been a while since I smelled sandalwood. The Kapha range also contains frankincense, which I also hadn't smelled before, but I tried it in another product from a different company recently and didn't much like it.
When I looked at the ingredients of the ranges, I was drawn towards the Vata range as it contained rose, but as I am using that ingredient a lot, I thought I would try the questionnaire and see what dosha I actually was with a view to trying different ingredients. I definitely wish now that I had tried Vata as the Kapha range is just not for me and I did find the questionnaire somewhat inconclusive as I had elements of all 3 doshas.

I might also add that I asked Samaya prior to testing their products about their animal testing policy, as there is nothing on their website. They told me that they do not test on animals and their ingredients are not tested on animals by third parties. The answer to a question about selling in China was as follows:
No. Last week I was asked if I would sell in China via a distributor and I declined citing their animal testing policy as the reason.
All their products are vegan apart from the Vata and Pitta cleansers which use extracts derived from honey.
In summary, I felt like I gained a lot from trying Samaya products. They are a natural, original line and while I didn't like the scent of the Kapha range, I would definitely try the Vata range. Everyone has different scents that they like. Kapha is more of an earthy, woody type of smell, while I prefer floral, fruity and fresh scents. The products are undeniably nice though. For readers, be aware that this is a luxury brand and is priced accordingly.

You can buy Samaya products here


  1. I came up 40/30/30 and Kapha was my strongest - I love it's woody spicy scent but could guess it wouldn't be for everyone. It's a beautiful range.

  2. It is gorgeous. I'd be keen to try the rose scented Vata, but man, that price!