Thursday, 3 August 2017

July Empties - Vapour Organic Beauty, Green People, Urban Decay, Botanics

This is what I have been using up this month.
Left: Vapour Illusionist Concealer. Right: Vapour Luminous Foundation
As natural foundations are so expensive and I'm so pale, I try to get a sample before I consider buying a full size. This sample of Luminous Foundation in 090 from Vapour Organic Beauty caught my eye. 

It came in a tiny plastic case and I was disappointed at first how little there was, but I have to say, a little goes a long way, or maybe I just don't cake it on. On Vapour's website, it say their samples last 1-2 uses. Yes, if your face is the size of an elephant's maybe! I got a multitude of uses out of this. It's quite a solid cream so you have to soften it up with your finger or brush. I used my brush to apply it, although fingers seemed good too. It was a perfect colour and had good coverage. I was sure after the first application that I wanted to get the full size.
The same couldn't be said for the Illusionist Concealer in 000. Tango would have been a better shade name for it. Who were they aiming this supposed paler than pale shade at? Katie Price? A major no.

Left: Vapour Illusionist Concealer. Right: Vapour Luminous Foundation

You can buy Vapour, including samples, from Content Beauty & Wellbeing

This Orange Blossom face scrub from Green People didn't float my boat either. It left my skin soft but the smell was overpowering. And it wasn't oranges.

Another sample was Urban Decay's Pore Perfecting Primer. I've never had a bad product from Urban Decay so I knew it was going to be good, and it was. It was a lovely pale colour that blurred and evened and reduced the appearance of pores. The tiny sachet was also good for a few goes. I bought the full size.

This micellar water's been in my empties a couple of times already and it's usually there once a month. Boots Botanics range is something I like to use for cleansing. 

In summary, I've enjoyed using samples this month so I can get a feel for the product before I splash the cash. 2 out of 4 good samples wasn't bad.

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  1. Samples are such a good way I think to get a feel for a product. I love the Green People Orange Blossom range (funny how we are all different when it comes to scents!)