Sunday, 30 December 2018

The November Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

Here's a look at November's Box

I picked this one up at the Vegan Kind shop during December. It featured:

Monami Frost Vegan Home Cooking Cook Book, (RRP £15.00)

We’re so excited to collaborate with the fabulous Monami Frost and feature her amazing vegan cookbook in this month’s Lifestyle Box! It’s our favourite vegan cookbook and a best seller in our vegan supermarket. We’re so excited for the new Frost Burgers restaurant to open too! The cookbook features 100 quick and easy plantbased recipes that do not require any complex Vegan substitutes, and there are 72 gluten free recipes out of 100! Monami keeps it simple as none of the recipes require 20 different ingredients. Tag @monamifrost and @thevegankind to let us know what you try making!
Youtube: @MonamiFrost  Facebook:   Instagram: @monamifrost

LoveRaw Peanut Butter Cups, 34g (RRP £1.99) 

Yesssss,Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! 2 dark chocolate cups filled with creamy Peanut Butter, it’s a match made in heaven. This bad boy is Vegan and refined sugar free. It's indulgent but without the guilt and it's perfect with a hot drink or snack. Now to share, or not to share?        Twitter: @loveraw     Instagram: @loveraw

Boundless Cayenne & Rosemary Activated Nuts & Seeds, 30g (RRP £1.70)

Forget dry roasting and dousing in salt. Boundless have discovered a better way from the Aztecs and Aborigines. Soaking nuts and seeds in water before baking them unleashes a whole bunch of goodness lying in wait inside. They use their own unique F.A.B. Method (TM) : Flood -They drench the nuts and seeds in water to kick start nature's natural germination process. Activate - A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, enabling better digestion. Bake - Then they gently bake using natural ingredients for a fuller flavour and lighter crunch. We are Boundless. Welcome to our intrepid pursuit of the extraordinary!       Twitter: @eatboundless Instagram: @ eatboundless

Emily Crisps Original Sweet Potato Sticks Chilli and Lime, 35g (RRP £1.00)

Discover a burst of tantalising flavour with these brand new Emily Veg Crisps Sweet Potato Sticks seasoned with Chilli and Lime. Delicious chilli delicately mixed with a hint of sharp,tangy lime , this bold flavour combination is sweet potato like you've never had before. Super more-ish, we can’t get enough of these!               Twitter:  @emily_crisps  Instagram: @emilycrisps

Choc Chick Quinoa Pops, 30g (RRP £2.00)

Delicious, raw chocolate treats with the wholegrain loveliness of quinoa covered in the finest Ecuadorian Nacional Arriba single origin cacao. All Choc Chick ingredients are ethically sourced, pesticide free, palm oil free, dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan, woohoo!        Twitter: @gochocchick               Instagram: @gochocchick

 TheVeganKind Bamboo Toothbrush, (RRP £3.99)

Introducing our brand new TheVeganKind Bamboo Toothbrush! Yes, you lucky bunch are getting TWO lifestyle items this month! £0.10p per brush will be donated to Tribe Animal Sanctuary here in Scotland, Scotland’s first vegan ran sanctuary. They have let us know that the donation from the brushes featured in this month’s boxes will be used for hay and straw for the animals. Hundreds of thousands of plastic toothbrushes wash up on beaches around the world and never bio-degrade, the planet and the environment is so important to us here at TheVeganKind that we decided to create our own vegan Bamboo toothbrush that’s available at our vegan supermarket and as an add on to your subscription box plan, which makes making eco-friendly choices that much easier.  Twitter: @thevegankind   Instagram: @thevegankind

Hawkers Cheese and Onion Chips, 23g (RRP £0.89)

Hawker’s is a vegan approved soya & potato popped chip that has just joined the UK snacks market. As well as tasting great, Hawker’s are also palm oil free. They have used the finest ingredients to create the best tasting chip around. They use heat and pressure to ‘air pop’ the crisps into delicious Hawkers chips, enjoy!         Twitter: @hawkerssnacks Instagram: @hawkerssnacks

Bonsan Organic Fruity Stars Sweets,50g (RRP £1.79)

Bonsan Fruity Stars are the newest vegan sweets around and are made from only the best organic ingredients, they also contain 30% less sugar than regular sweets. These gluten free gummies are free from artificial colours and flavours, using only the natural flavours from the juice of real fruit! How yummy are these gummy sweets!      Twitter: @BonsanVegan Instagram: @bonsanvegan

Some of these are still in my cupboard, but I've tried the Emily crisps - seriously yummy! and the Hawkers - sadly not my cup of tea. As for the Chocchick Quinoa Pops, they barely touched the sides! Seriously chocolately, seriously addictive. I also like the added extras that TVK put in their boxes, this month the bamboo toothbrush and the fantastic cookbook which is just about the right level for no-hope cooks like me. A wonderful box.

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