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The December Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

Here's a look at the December Vegan Kind box, chock full of festive treats and perfect to ease yourself into #veganuary.

Harpers Candles Vixen Christmas Candle, (RRP £5.00)

It wouldn’t be a TheVeganKind Christmas box without a festive smelling Harpers Candle! We love this scent and we’re going to have it burning all of December, it smells deliciously of redcurrants, pears and Christmassy evenings! Perfect to light when you’re curled up watching a feel good film, while eating your festive snacks from this month’s box. Harper’s Bizarre Candles is built firmly in the knowledge that we can all have what we want and keep all of our beliefs for a happy cruelty free life intact along the way.  Everything they make is hand-made by them in their own artisan tins. Let us and @harperscandles know what you think of this super festive creation!  Instagram:

 Eat Real Cheezie Straws, 45g (RRP £0.69) 

These brand new potato-based, gluten-free Eat Real Cheezie Straws deliver a crisp, crunchy bite and an authentic cheese flavour without any of the aftertaste sometimes associated with vegan cheese. Yes! Vegan Cheese Straw crisps, we’re so excited about these! Suitable for vegans and available in three handy pack sizes – 22g snack packs, 45g ‘impulse’ bags and 113g sharing bags – they contain just 147 calories per 28g portion and are perfect for anytime snacking and lunchboxes.  Registered with The Vegan Society and certified gluten-free by Coeliac UK, they really are too good to miss. Our new favourite ‘cheezy’ snack!    Twitter: @EatRealSnacks    Instagram: @eatrealsnacks

Mummy Meagz MMMinty Vegan & Gluten Free Rocky Road,  55g (RRP £2.15)

Crunchy, velvety and gooey, yum! Vegan Society approved Rocky Road that’s packed full of mallows, handmade gluten free biscuit and silky chocolate mixture, Mummy Meagz only puts the best, indulgent ingredients into her cake bars. Definitely one of our favourite new vegan products, and it comes in 3 amazing flavours all available at TheVeganKind supermarket!     Twitter: @MummyMeagz Instagram: @mummymeagz

Foods of Athenry Chocolate Orange Brownie Bites 120g, (RRP £2.99)

 Deliciously zesty - these gluten free & wheat free orange chocolatey shots combine zingy citrus with the finest cocoa powder, to make the perfect guilt free bite size biscuits. Chocolatey melt in your mouth morsels with only 4g and 18 calories per mini cookie, it’s impossible to take just one! Share with someone special or eat them all by yourself in one go, that’s what we do!    twitter@foodsofathenry    Instagram: @foodsofathenry

BRAVE Sea Salt and Vinegar Peas, 35g (RRP £1.19)

Get zesty with these brand new BRAVE Sea Salt & Vinegar Roasted Peas! The Sea Salt & Vinegar flavour is the real deal: they've crafted the perfect combination of proper, all-natural Spirit & Malt Vinegars to create that delightfully sharp vinegar hit, it’s super vinegary, we love them! It's free of artificial flavours and it's delectable. Trust us on this one, your taste buds will thank you!         Twitter: @Bravefoods   Instagram: @bravefoods

Blackfriars Christmas Flapjack, 110g (RRP £0.80)

Blackfriars have been specialising in making and baking bakery products including flapjacks, muffins, cake slices, cookies and much more since the late 1980s, and they have recently launched a range of amazing vegan friendly products, they are all so yummy, definitely the scrummiest flapjacks we’ve ever tried. We stock their full vegan range of flapjacks in our online vegan supermarket too, yay!          Twitter: @blackfriarsbake    Instagram: @bfriars

Simply Candy Mulled Wine Flavoured Heart Sweets, 100g (RRP £2.75)

The perfect festive sweet! These heart shaped candies are one of the many flavours in Simply Candy’s exclusive collection of luxury innovative confectionery. Made from the finest all-natural ingredients with pure botanical plant extracts for both flavour and colour, these special vegan friendly candies are created for you to enjoy a great tasting experience. Candid Candy: Warm spiced wine was introduced by the Romans in the 2nd century AD to improve the taste of white wine!  Twitter: @simplycandy_uk   Instagram: @simplycandyuk

Frubis Apple and Cinnamon Crisps, 20g (RRP £0.99)

Frubis crisps are simply dehydrated fruit which isn't fried or frozen, without oil additives or preservatives. They also contain a high amount of fibre too! Frubis is mouth-watering, irresistible and delicious crunchy fruit with a wide variety to choose from. Frubis is only the highest quality fruit and this makes it fun, healthy and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed by adults and children, this delicious cinnamon flavour is perfect to eat around Christmas time!  Instagram: @frubisportugal)

What a fabulous box of festive nom! I was straight into the rocky road by Mummy Meagz. While I'm not sure a rocky road needs to be minty (and it's possibly a crime), this was nonetheless deeply chocolatey and satisfying. Really tasty. I broke out the mulled wine sweeties at work after Christmas and they went down well. They really do have a flavour of the great festive drink. The Harper's candle smells delicious, so fruity and seasonal.

I'm a huge fan of Eat Real. I eat their hummus, lentil and quinoa chips on a regular basis and I was thrilled to see their cheezie straws in this box as cheesy snacks are my favourite. They were really yummy. Not mega flavoured, just more like ready salted chipsticks with a hint of cheese. Very more-ish. I might add that Eat Real are part of the Cofresh group who make very tasty Indian snacks. I love their chilli and lemon grills.

The Frubis crisps were a great afternoon snack, really lovely with the cinnamon which is one of my favourite tastes and smells. I shared (I do share this box sometimes, but not very often! 😋) the Brave salt and vinegar peas with my mum and son who both liked them. They're made from split yellow peas and are crunchy and really vinegary as the description above says. I absolutely loved them and will be buying them again.

I love a biscuit, so I was delighted to see the cookie shots by Foods of Athenry included. And brace yourself for characteristic hyperbole from Beck. These are possibly the best vegan biscuits I've ever tasted! Okay, I haven't tasted a lot, because I mainly plump for 'accidentally vegan' stuff such as Aldi's oat thingies, but that's beside the point. Seriously, these are bite-sized choc orange shots of deliciousness. I had to stop myself eating the whole lot at once.

The Christmas flapjack from Blackfriars I have yet to try but I know it will be good as I have had their products before.

It's worth noting that each box comes with a recipe which is a fantastic idea. This month's was vegan Yorkshire puddings, which are not my cup of tea at all, but would have been a helpful festive addition to some people.

Another amazing box!

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Edit: 20.01.19

Something I forgot to mention when I first started reviewing this box was that The Vegan Kind give 10p from each box sold per month to an animal charity. This month it was Animals in Need Sanctuary in Northamptonshire who rescue both wild and domestic animals. 

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