Friday, 9 June 2017

Blogger Stationery Haul

Stationery obsession has been a long time thing with me, since school when I used to pinch packs of paper and exercise books *cough*. I still love wandering around stationery shops (without stealing), even though I have enough notebooks and paper to last eons. It was only recently that I noticed other bloggers were talking about their love of stationery and I realised I was not alone in my weirdness! So I thought I would share my recent haul.
The picture above is a selection from a recent Wilko's range called 'Sanctuary' that I bought. (Unfortunately my pics below are not nearly as good as this one). I love Wilko's gorgeous, cheap stationery and buy something nearly every time I go. Their Autumn-look range called 'Sanctuary' featuring squirrels, acorns, foxes and bunnies lovingly coloured in rose gold has been around a few months and I was delighted last time I went that it was still available and I picked up even more.
The top book ('Hey Foxy') is a little organiser I got to add to a hamper I'm doing for my friend's birthday, along with the rose gold mirror to the left. I got two notebooks, one thick white one with gorgeous rose gold edging (better seen in the pic below) and one reading 'all good things are wild and free'. There was also a planner with a shopping list on one side, two to-do list pads and a desktop planner with three sections.
The photos above and below show the lovely rose gold storage box that reads 'If you go down to the woods today.' I originally bought the box to house my friend's birthday presents but soon realised it was too small for what I've got planned, so (shame) I'll have to keep it. 😉
The best buy was a box with a bunny on top housing rose gold paperclips. I didn't need any paperclips but come on, they're rose gold! There was also a collection of three lovely storage tins and four cute magnetic bookmarks (not pictured).
Finally I'll share another couple of bits I purchased from other shops. The planner below was also from Wilko's, the four notepads from Aldi and the gorgeous bird themed pads at the top are from Tesco. These are so lavishly decorated that they'd be great for crafting too, such as making cards. 
All in all, a fabulous haul (that I didn't need) at a superb price. You can view Wilko's Sanctuary range here

Does anyone want to share their stationery obsession? 😊

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