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Review: Balm Balm Baby Balm - Truly A Miracle Product

Around March time, both me and my three year old son, Z, were suffering from eczema. I had a patch of eczema on my right shin that was a year old. It had healed once (after a holiday) and come back just as bad two months later. Z's eczema was off and on, with flare-ups for no apparent reason.
At the time I was using conventional moisturisers on my leg and prescription creams on my son. I had always found body scrubs of benefit with my dry skin so I was using a scrub on my leg that said it was so mild, it could be used every day. This product contained SLS, which I'm sure contributed to a vicious cycle for me.

I had just started exploring natural products and the first one I chose for the two of us was Baby Balm by Balm Balm. This contains just five ingredients: shea butter, sunflower oil, beeswax, calendula and jojoba oils. Balm Balm are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny approved, plus Soil Association certified.

Unfortunately, I failed to take extensive pictures of either of us when I first started using it as I wasn't expecting to see dramatic results or review the product for this blog, but I did get a before and after of Z, and you can see the eczema here in his elbow crease. The eczema here and on his knee creases came and went and didn't respond to anything. I'd tried steroids with minimal success.
17 March

I applied the balm at night after a bath. In the morning, his skin looked miles better, but I didn't get too excited because often his eczema looks better in the morning and then dreadful again by bedtime. I continued applying the balm probably two to four times a day and within a week, the results were totally astounding. All the redness had completely gone and his skin was back to normal.

4 April
I kept up with a lotion to keep his skin hydrated and when the redness started again within a couple of weeks, I nipped it in the bud with Baby Balm and it was soon gone once more.

As for me, my leg was in a bad way. It was chronically inflamed and scaly and I scratched and scratched until it bled. I had tried everything (before I discovered natural) and I was two weeks into using a steroid cream for the millionth time when I first started the Baby Balm.
21 March - not great photos and I possibly took them during treatment rather than at the start, because they look too good!
It was a couple of days before I noticed the redness had decreased, although the itchiness diminished from the very first application. I applied it as often as I remembered and all hail the god of balm, there was a miracle. I could have wept. A whole year with this hideous nightmarish skin complaint and the answer was out there the entire time. Within weeks, the entire patch of eczema was gone, although my skin remains slightly mottled and red, as I'd expect with the amount of damage my nails did to it. I continue to use the balm and it hasn't flared up since.

4 April
Some time after the patch had healed, I had an insect bite on my left ankle that flared up out of all proportion and spread into a horrific thing of unspeakable nastiness. I scratched it raw while I was waiting for a second tub of Baby Balm to arrive. This time I was photo prepared.

3 May - hope you're not eating your tea
I seem to remember with this patch that the itchiness didn't stop straight away once I started the balm, but the inflammation and redness went incredibly quickly.

16 May - excuse the rogue leg hairs

24 May
Right leg 24 May

Left leg 29 May

In summary, what can I say that the pictures don't prove? Balm Balm Baby Balm is a little pot of gold suitable for any skin and any condition. After I started using it, I threw out all things Z and I had that contained any nasties, plus any prescribed creams and steroids.

I've finally taken control of my eczema.

Note: Balm Balm do two preparations, Baby Balm and Fragrance Free Balm which have the same ingredients but the Fragrance Free is 50p cheaper and comes in a glass jar while the Baby Balm comes in a plastic one.

You can buy Baby Balm at Love Lula here or at the Balm Balm website

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